Anna Banana

I found this old sketch I put aside about, maybe, a year ago.


Another jam


Here's one I did for the January drawing jam

Pfc. Mouse

Some Painter practice.

Early to Rise

A quick sketch for today.

Guitar Practice

Well, I can't play them, so I wanted to see if I can draw them. This was just practice for a picture I have in mind.

Sunday Sketch

Just a lazy Sunday afternoon sketch.


Here's one for my friend Josh (aka Chicken Little) who is more than happy to explain how and when the world is coming to an end.

Post Apocolyptic Girl

Daydreaming at Work

Here's a quick sketch I did while I had a little downtime at work. It's an idea that's been done here and there, but who wouldn't want a house on a private island?

A Couple 20 Minute Figure Drawings

Just a couple of my favorites

The Scout

I found an old picture of my grandfather in 1934 posing out in his boy scout uniform, so I used it as reference to make up a scout of my own.

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Match

This one is about two blokes and a race to the radio station. The first listeners to make it there will get their hands on the last two tickets to the football (soccer) match. I debated on going back and bringing it up to my current level, but I kept it the way it is as a reminder of the vast improvements I've made over time. I'm still proud of it though.

Want to get away?

This is a quick storyboard I did a while back. It was my take on those airline commercials, except I don't think this one would fly in the US.